Ms Gillian - RECE, Program Supervisor

Ms. Gillian was thrilled to join the Village of Brooklin Co-operative Playschool community five years ago, after falling in love with the cooperative approach to learning when her eldest son attended the VBCP preschool program. She brings over 15 years of extensive experience building model Early Childhood Education programs, specifically with the Emergent Program and ELECT approach. Gillian has worked as an advocate for inclusion and early learning in her own community as a parent and educator supporting many educational initiatives. She believes wholeheartedly that a child’s learning endeavours rely on hands-on experiences where a child is supported in a respectful and nurturing environment. Gillian’s teaching style encompasses modelling behaviour and facilitating the learning process by viewing each child as capable and competent in creating their own learning journey. It is Gillian’s belief that with the collaboration of school, community, and family preschoolers will continue to grow and form a developmentally sound foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Gillian came to the Village of Brooklin Cooperative Playschool as a graduate of Seneca and York where she studied Early Childhood Education and Sociology. Gillian is a registered Early Childhood educator in good standing with the College of E.C.E and is honoured to help orchestrate this collaborative community of learning. She lives right here in Brooklin, with her husband Stephen and their two young sons Liam and Cayden.


” I am very fortunate to be doing what I love most, and that is working with preschoolers, their sense of wonder, excitement and energy is contagious. The growth we see during the preschool years is remarkable and in turn very rewarding. I look forward to continuing learning alongside my preschoolers and thank you for allowing me to join along with your child’s preschool journey!” 

Miss Rose - RECE

Hello! My name is Miss Rose Miller. I will be returning back to the VBCP as one of your teachers! I left the VBCP in December of 2016 to pursue my work as an RECE for the Kawartha District School Board. When the opportunity to come back to the VBCP came up, I jumped at the chance! Preschool has always been my true love! I am so excited to meet all the wonderful new/returning families.

I have nine years of experience as an RECE. Five of those years working here at the VBCP and the rest as an RECE for the full day kindergarten program with Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board. I have learned so much knowledge over the years and can’t wait to incorporate it all into the pre- school program. We know that children will be more successful when they have a positive sense of self, spirt and belonging and the skills to make positive choices.

I am looking forward to working again with Miss. Gillian, and developing relationships with the children; helping them succeed and grow in their education and love of preschool.

I hope you enjoy your summer with your children, and are ready for a busy, yet productive 2018/2019 school year! See you in September!